Hi, I'm JP! I am a Front-End Web Developer.

Being a web developer involves designing, creating, and maintaining websites and web applications. As a Web Developer, I apply technical skills such as utilizing HTML, CSS, and Javascript to build user-friendly and responsive web pages. I also stay up-to-date with the latest web development trends and technologies. I have also studied and worked with SQL and Visual Basic.net.

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Below you will find projects that I've worked on using Visual Basic.NET. You can click each button to launch the video and you will see how i designed each project by using the coding syntax from Visual Basic documentation.

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Login Form

This application will check whether the username and password is correct.

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Converter App

This application will convert from inches to meters and from meters to inches.

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Payroll Calculator

This application will compute and display the FICA tax, federal tax, and state tax.

Below you will find projects where I've used HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You can click on each button to open the project and test it by entering in random text.


This application will display a Student Database Management project. This project keeps student records and the database contains basic contact information like names, addresses, and admission year.

QR Code Generator

This application will display a QR Code Generator. You can type and paste any link or text and it will generate a QR code.

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